Looking for Original Creative Video Artist

Looking for a Creative Versatile Artist, to create videos, for original existing and new, music tracks.
The videos will be posted on my Youtube channel and be exclusive to that channel.

Not sure if this post should be in the Paid Work or the Volunteer Work category.
So to clarify, from the start, the goal is to earn money as a long term partnership.
You will receive 40 percent, of the income from the product.
If you are interested please read on.

  1. What is the type of project?

The end product is a series of music videos.

  1. Are you a company or individual?

I am an individual musician. Below is a link to an example music video:

Since the corona virus lockdowns, have not been able to do gigs. Have a lot of original music already recorded and always creating new material. Use blender a lot for various things and enjoy making animations and videos. Wish to put music videos on my Youtube channel. Have tons of ideas, but my projects in blender just take way too long, or if I rush then they are not very good. However, am able to produce the music tracks fairly quickly and in a large variety of styles. Also able to write the music to an existing video. Wish to partner up with an artist that can produce the videos. The goal is not just to have some music videos on my channel for me to look at, in contrast it is to get views and earn money. We will both need to invest some time into this project before it is possible to look at the statistics and what can be done to increase the probability of an income.

  1. What kind of designer are you looking for?

The more skills and expertise you have, the better. From quick and dirty raw video to advanced CGI. The end result is the important thing, rather than the technique that was used. In other words does it look and sound great, does it rock.

  1. What is the deadline?

Typical video length will be from two and a half minutes, to about four or five minutes.
We will start the series with short videos.
The videos must be created quickly with out sacrificing quality.
One a month would be good. One a week would be even better. This is not easy, we can discuss solutions to make this feasible.

  1. Description of the project.

It is the art content, in the form of music and video. It is the union of audio and visual. Variety of subject matter and techniques.
For example

The Videos
Variety, Animation, live video, abstract imagery, photorealistic, cartoon, dancing characters, etc.

The Music
Variety of styles and genres, Rock, Latin, Reggae, Funk, Jazz, Techno, Blue Grass, Semi-Classical, Spacey, etc.

As well as variety, in contrast it will also be desirable to theme and stylise, because music videos are often pigeon holed to a certain genre, to make them easier to find. Also want a nice uniform overall style and feel to the channel and videos.

Initially, the music already exists, so the video content will be based on the music and lyrics.
The important thing is originality, is it quick and catchy, etc. There are many parallels in music and video. Less is more example, sometimes a single note says more than a full orchestra. In a video, a single leaf falling to the ground can be more powerful, than an army of sci fi transformer robots. Also it is quicker to render. On the other hand sometimes more is more, but can sometimes take a lot longer to render. In music, the hook is a powerful device, I think there is also a similar thing in video. Basically the end product must contain original magic and sparkle.

  1. What is the budget?
    You will receive forty percent of the income, from each video on my Youtube channel. The video will be exclusive to that channel.
    At present my Youtube channel does not have any promotion, advertising, income or many views or subscribers. This is a start up project.

How much does Youtube pay? This is something that needs more research, but I think basically, it is not very much. Obviously you need very high numbers of views, subscribers, etc., before getting any income.
There are billions of videos to compete with, however, I think that there is also a massive ever growing captive audience, also in the billions, so it is worth a shot. After we have managed to produce about ten or twenty music videos, there should be sufficient data so that I can analyse the statistics. Based on that, I shall focus on the promotion and monetisation, of the videos.

Why do I keep sixty percent?
I value the video and music equally, it is the perfect marriage. I get sixty percent because it is my idea, project and channel. I shall be producing the music and also managing and promoting the channel.
(Am also open to possibly doing the same thing in the future but the other way around. If you have a video channel or would like me to produce music for your videos, you would get sixty percent, I would get forty percent. That would be a separate project, we could discuss another day.)

Please let me know if you would like more audio track examples.

Thanks for your interest.

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