Looking for People to a Small Team Studio

(Daniel) #1

I’m looking for 26 people who might be interested in my 3D feature film. What I am in need of is sixteen voice actors, five modeling artists, a compositor, someone to render the feature, and an editor to edit it together as a whole movie with synchronized sound, music, voice talents, and the length of it. I also need an second animator to backup the speed of the animated film.

I could’t just had done that in my previous topic, I know, but I decided to start a new one for the New Year.

The feature film is still my thoughts of a Spyro film, where a small, thirtty people studio works together to bring it to life. I can’t do it alone, mind you.

I’ve made a Discord server specific for the members of the small studio and for the film. So, anyone willing to volunteer to the project will be provided the link to the film server, where we discuss about the film projects for fun, and how to improvide permission from the owners of the Spyro franchise to get it out to the world.

I’ll be waiting for your respond to help me with my rather big feature film project. Happy New Year, though.


Hi, do you have any experience in leading a team of thirty people? What is your current experience in feature film/animation production? M

(Jackson Drewry) #3

I’m interested in joining. I can model characters and environments, as you can see in my portfolio

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