Looking for people who want to help with THE GAME...

all right, Me and Soulless are looking around for people who want to help with a RPG.
The game is played from 3rd person, but you can switch to 1st person. We want to intergrate teammembers, but I think it ain’t a very bright idea (help on here plz). We don’t got any name, soulless already showed a model in the WIP-area (just look for it).
We look for:
poeple that can make creature’s
people that can sample sound together and make (or find) sound.
we look for Python scripters.
we want everybody!
just let us know here if your intrested or if you have questions, just ask them.

Is this game going to be big or a fun game :smiley: and is it goin to be in past, future, or present?

Seems interesting :wink:

We want it to make it BIG! It’s played in the future. So we have Guns, some Mechs, also some airplanes and really fucking big melee weapons.
something like that.
You want to join?

so, it’s something like jediknight…
It’s hard to give the game a name if don’t have the story yet…
Or if you wan’t to make it an RPG where u just gain skill by killing mechs then name it something like Mech-killer… :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it going to be fun? WTF? Even educational games are supposed to be fun.

He means, is it big game that will take long time to make, or will it be more important to have fun making it rather than make it big. If its just fun, more likely to get people to help, and better chance to complete.

sorry that i didnt reply earlier, ive been busy with me and my dads game and my school project.

Ill get to the point :wink: ill help out.

Download http://blender.borec.cz/newres.zip
3.5 MB

Arrow keys : move
Mouse : head moving
[ ] : change gun

in menu you must take mouse cursor on the text (changed options)
and hold keys (<- ->) !

contact : [email protected]

Good day and Happy Blending
(sorry for my bad English)

4.5 Mb! :smiley:

that’s great! just tell me where your good at, and we can arrange something for you. You could start with some models for monsters.

BTW, I can0t get the download to work. what’s whrong with it?