Looking for people with too much free time

Hello there I am looking for help with the graphics/animations and coding for my game, Its a pretty large project and I cannot do it alone. Id appreciate anyone who can help.

Here is a sample of a model for the game:

for a sample of the quality and standards here atr Independent Gamers.

Just for those of you people who are interested its going to be a RTS game. One who will contend with those big box names like AoM ect… If you are interested drop me a line at [email protected].

perhaps you request should be clarified

you are looking for people with too much time on their hands
that are willing to help (that requires effort!)
and have good skills

btw, that horse has a fish eye

I will only commit myself to helping the extent I can by posting things here, my modeling skills are very lacking and so is my motivation to continue any large project.

I don’t know what RTS or AoM mean.

Also, I commend you for doing what most people who post these sorts of topics neglect to do, which is post your work. I only wish you could post more than a horse.

What is the game about, and how do you expect to contend with a “big box” name with a group of amateur 3d enthusiasts?

well to answer you first question AoM is the abbriviated name of a well known real time strategy game (RTS) called age of mythology.

basically its like age of empires or even starcraft. I plan to have it an epic (through the ages) type game. ATM we are starting with the prehistoric age, then perhaps release a demo of some sort.

As for the question about hhow do we contend with big box names? Well there are a few things. First is that some people just slack off in those big box games. Grated they are some very talented people but sometimes what they do in 1 day could have really been condesed into 2-4 hours of hard work. 2 is the volume of poeple working on it. if there are about 10 people putting in 10 sokid hours a week this game would fly by. As for creating a name counterstrike was aalso a game made from independents. Grated they had money and such but nevertheless. I plan to self publish if possible by just requireing a demo and if possible I mgiht latter plan to make up some boxes for retail sale.

But talk is cheap, thats what ive always believed in. Basically why can’t we do it? We have the tools so why not use them?

Umm, I’m guessing this is for personal gain somewhat. Those with free time won’t be paid then. If it’s just for fun, why not join the project for pandora’s box. They’re also creating a rts game in Blender and was started a bit earlier. So I’m guessing they have ideas and stuff all planned out already.

:o Not sure how much I know, but making an RTS game with in Blender would be quite hard. Let’s say it’s not too hard to model and do all those other things. If you’re planning to use the Blender game engine for the RTS game, it might be a problem. With too many faces on screen at a time, the game will definitely slow down like crazy. I usually play Age of Empires 2 Conquerors and when we play sometimes, there are more than 500 units on screen at a time. Although Blender is one of the greatest applications created, I’m doubting that any computer using the Blender game enigne can actually handle that. Blender’s game engine is generic allowing it to create almost any game imagineable, but that means the coding for some games will not be efficient. So for an RTS game you would definitely get a huge slowdown in the engine.

Haven’t tried it, but granted that an RTS won’t slow down in the engine, you definitely need to have extremely low poly models.

We have the tools, but one must know the limitations of those tools.

Jason Lin

Well I helped you with that horse, but I can’t do more. I don’t have much time for myself, or to work on a project. I hope I can get some more spare time in the summer working on my project and BSS’s one. Bt for so far, I can’t help. :frowning: Sorry dude.

If you want, I can made some objects, unit or buldings, but I’m learning python, and I’m not a programmator
Bye :slight_smile:

actually this is for the pandora’s box project, Im looking for more people to help :\

I’d still like to get a “model repository” website together, with game models and objects intended for freely available Blender games. That would harness the entire community together to create a huge wealth of game models. It wouldn’t even need to be complicated stuff… just small things like telephones and tables could help an indie game maker tons.

dude, i have been really bored with blender lately, so i would be glad to help.


:o Holy cow!!! Lol, I’m so sorry I didn’t realize. Hmm, you should have said that earlier. You guys have a website up and everything. Why didn’t you just post the link to your website along with asking for more help. That website is pretty concise and practically covers all the things needed if people had questions. :stuck_out_tongue: Could you just post the website again, I forgot to bookmark it. Keep up the work. Lol, I still have a lot of learning to do in Blender and I’d like to work on my project. Hmm, I remember you saying the pandora’s box project would take around 3-4 years so I’ll contribute in the future when I know more :stuck_out_tongue: .

You know I still want to know if it could be possible to handle that much units in the Blender game engine.

shbaz, that’s a really good idea. However, two problems.

  1. Webspace
  2. Yeah, that’s pretty much the problem. Hmm, you could set up a site pretty much like Altaken’s (except for the part where anyone can edit your pictures) and people could submit their work. Once that is set up, just ask people on elysiun and cross your fingers.
    It would be great to have a model repository.

Jason Lin

%| :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, and good luck. :wink: