Looking for pipeline tips: MDD in/out and integration with Maya

Hi guys,

I’m trying to incorporate Blender into our Maya pipeline here at work, but I’m having trouble figuring out a few things. I hope someone can help.

First and foremost, i want to be able to send point cache data (MDD) back and forth. Either my Maya animator can send me an MDD to render in Blender, or I can send a MDD to Maya to render there. I know that I can import/export an MDD, but I don’t know how to make or use one in Blender. Is it a modifier? How does the workflow work?

Secondly, what’s the best way to get object and camera animation between the 2 apps? I’ve found that sending objects and scenes to Maya using FBX works great overall, but it doesn’t seem to include animation. What format can Maya send to Blender that works for animation? I understand that FBX is being further developed, is there a test build that I can try that’s further along than the current release version?


Ok, I found the thread on MDD in this forum, and it goes a long way towards answering questions about MDD. It doesn’t say much about fbx or collada, so I’d like to keep this thread going for that reason.

In any case, it’s looking like interoperability with Maya is going to be a long haul… :slight_smile:

Holy crap, fbx export works flat-out wonderfully when going from blender to Maya! Object animation and camera data, as well as light placement and heirarchies, all come in very well! Now to try to go the other direction…

Post if you find a good way, I tried OBJ once, it was a mess. The worst part was for whatever reason the mats came into the Blender with the shading group name instead of the actual shader name. >:( (Not that there is a really a good solution to that one…)