Looking for Pirate/sailing ship references


I have been searching for a while and have not found any “good” visual references for classic style pirate or sailing ships.

I am not looking for photos. There are lost of those out there and I will use them for detail and texturing.

I am looking for plan view pictures (as in front, top, right, etc…) in a schematic like style (as in line drawing). I will then do the usual and set then as a background in Blender for modeling.

If there are photos that I can use in this manner I guess that works just as well. I was just trying to avoid confusion by specifically asking for plans.

Thanks for your time and any help you can give.


You mean ships like around the time of all those discoveries (Magellan, Colombus…)?
It’ll be difficult to find blueprints or CAD drawings of those.
Try this: http://www.handcraftedmodelships.com/custom_orders.php
Maybe they can help you? They say they have blueprints of ships but they seem to take several months.

Thanks for your help

They do have what I am looking for, but because my project is so small (something nice for CGsphere) it does not really make sense to go to such great lengths. I will keep searching.

On the up side, you did find an amazing texture and detail reference ! thanks!

Again, thanks for your help.


How do you put something as a background for modeling in blender?

(I’m trying to model and airplane with some 3-views as reference)

Thanx :slight_smile:

How do you put something as a background for modeling in blender?

You go to View (at the bottom of the 3D view window) --> Background image.

can I use a different background image for each view (front, side and top)?

You can have one background image for every 3D window
so if you want more than one bg image, you need to divide the existing 3D window until you have 4 3D windows, one for every view.
Do note that you’ll see, in one and the same 3D window, the bg picture in all views except the user view.