Looking for Potential Artist(s)

Hey Everybody,

I am producing/directing a Public Service Announcement for the Save the Manatee cause in the state of Florida. Very psyched!!

It am producing a television and radio commercial that will air throughout the state.

Basically, I am funding the project which will be a charitable donation to the cause, and will also help give my soon to be started company some good publicity. I have a complete crew of camera people, lighting, props, post, etc. that are all pitching in their efforts.

I have several meetings with Fish and Wildlife Officials in the next few weeks to try to determine exactly how the spots will be done. I want to propose a few different ideas to them, besides the ones they’ve given me.

Basically, I wanted to know if there is anyone who would like to make a manatee character for review and possible use in the television spot. A costumed character has been proposed by the Fish and Wildlife folks, but I think in this case an animated character might hit home a little better, and they are open to any ideas.

I’d prefer it to be a little more toony, maybe it could be something like Mary the Manatee kinda like Smoky the Bear. A photo realistic render wouldn’t do justice to the footage I have of the real manatees and their injuries caused by careless boaters.

Anyways, this is a not for profit project, but if involved you would be able to list it as a charitable donation of your work, which can be used as a tax deduction. It would also be a great way to expose your work to an audience of 20 million people.

If interested please e-mail me at [email protected]. Once again I don’t have final say on any characters and cannot promise yours would be used. I can give anyone who wants a lot more info and details if you e-mail me.

Thanks a ton.
Todd Sorensen

Hi, Todd. Here’s something I created inspired this thread. I would have e-mailed it, but my e-mail program is crashing. I’ll probably reinstall it…

Anyway, I wanted to get this out to you ASAP, so please feel free to pm me via Elysiun or e-mail (sometime Friday if by e-mail) to let me know what you think of this character design and, if possible, send any additional details about your project.

Here you go…

The tail is deliberately designed that way for two reasons, to be somewhat heartlike/cute while also to reflect manatee tail damage due to things like boat propellers.

All procedural materials, pure Blender 2.34, all subject to editing however necessary of course :wink: Character can be rigged for animation as well.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


I’m glad to see someone took this up :slight_smile: I think the character is excellent, but what you might want to do to make the tail more heart-like is to have it above the body, so the character is basically arching her back. This would make the heart shape have the point at the bottom and just basically not look like an upside down heart.

So cute :slight_smile: I like manatees.

Very nice Robertt, :o and all for a good cause it would seem.

I will have to say that that model is just about what I am looking for. The idea is for a character that people just want to hug, and it certainly is huggable.

Thanks also to the others who have e-mailed me work, I will e-mail everyone back this weekend more about the project.

I had a meeting this morning with the proper people. I can’t really go into much detail on a public board because this is a really politically sensitive issue here, and believe it or not there are those who have been appointed to positions in the Wildlife Community that are really looking out for big business.

Once again thanks so very much, I will get back to everyone privately, and hopefully this spot will be the first of many paid ones in the future.

And so everybody knows, I am extremely loyal to anyone who is willing to help me out in these feeble times, i.e. when the paid work starts coming in you’ll be the top ones on my list to be commissioned for any projects.

:smiley: :smiley: