Looking for programmer for my game

Hey, so I’m searching for a programmer for this game I’m making. This is not the only place I’m searching and there are others currently deciding weather they will be involved. I’m only taking one for now though. If you are interested you will be happy to know that I intend to sell the game and split the profit with the co-developers. This is not in the jobs area because until the game sells, there will be no money involved.
I want to make a multi operating system game. Something that works on mac, and pc. Python allows this by default I believe. Also this game will be kinda a blend between pokemon and fire emblem interfaces, but with my own characters, story and rpg system and stats. Please contact me on the inbox or at my gmail [email protected] for more information. I dont expect this to be a first priority for whoever does end up programming it, but I do expect periodic updates.

More details are always helpful when advertising a project. Your post tells me nothing about what sort of game it is etc.
You may like to read this

give more info.

Sorry about that. I’m a little bit new to this. I have updated the information. Anything further you want to know about the project?

I’m kinda new to this. That is both this forum/site and working on real projects and not just experiments. I hope my edit to the post provides enough information. If not, I’m happy to answer questions.

Where’s your portfolio?
It is important to build up trust before one embarks on helping anyone program a game.

Good point…I’m not sure how to do a portfolio really though…Like I said. I’m fresh to the whole public work thing. But, until I can make an official portfolio, would a link to my craigslist or facebook page or something with my render photos count?

You can post stuff here,

on the forums

in the works in progress section, and finished work section.

Game art is a little different then photo-realistic art.

what is your target engine?

the target engine is the blender game engine since i have zero experience in making a game aside from the typical blender experiment of getting a cube to move and do a pathetic jump. but we all gotta start somewhere right? i have been studying up on game graphics and it seems they are not a hard adjustment from the photo realism im used to. i do have a few experiments to run before doing anything practical with textures but figured the same program can run on a textured or untextured version of the same rubber ball bouncing off a wall right?

You need to learn to bake down low poly meshes from high poly meshes, to get true realism that is stable in the BGE.

“baking normal maps”

rigging etc,

You still have not told anyone:

  1. What the game is
  2. What the game is about
  3. What timeframe you expect to have the game done in
  4. What graphics style you are going for


My apologies. As I said, this is my very first game. Actually, it’s my first project with more than myself working on it. The game is called Wolf, It’s about a boy from a clan of wolf people in the forest. He is exiled from his home for having lost the sacred blade of his tribe because the tribe believes it to be stolen by him. He believes it to have been stolen by a powerful organization with tech from the future (sci-fi tech in a time of swords and bows) that he had encountered outside the forest. The sword has actually taken on the same form as him and the organization constantly hunts him down. The goal is to conquer the sword so you can wield it to wipe out the organization who by then wants to kill you. The graphics are supposed to look kinda somewhere between pokemon, fire emblem, and zelda2. the time frame…no idea…i havent completed the story.

I always wanted to do a terry brooks style game,

But I am overcommitted as it is, I’ll help solve any problems you post though in the support section,

lets see some game art :smiley:

So i’m guessing game projects begin at their art and story?

Game projects begin with progress.

No-one will join a project that doesn’t have anything already started.
Also, clearly laid out ideas, timescales, etc. help to persuade people to join.

In post #2 I posted a link, about getting people to join projects, which may be worth reading

Interesting storyline… I would do the programming if I weren’t on 4 other projects right now. My scripts will be available on my blog, however, when they are complete. One of my projects is also a Fire Emblem style game. The Pokemon style has always intrigued me, that is one of my projects, too. Another (in which the collision scripts you may be interested in) is a Super Smash Bros. Brawl style game. Just check up on my blog to get scripts.

i can rig btw. though i havent done any facial rigging but that wont be necessary for what i want to do. the target is somewhere between pokemon regular and fire emblem. the worse thing ill have to worry about if anything is blinking.

Haha, I know I seem like a total newb and in fact am. I have to thank you all for your guidance and advice and help thus far. I have been looking forward to doing something like this for a long time and with the knowledge provided by you guys, I think I can make it happen. ^w^