Looking for programmer to participate in addon creation


We’re looking for a experienced Python programmer that can help out on a regular basis, in creating one or more addons to improve certain of our workflows in Blender.

There are written basic concepts available as a starter for discussion. Input will be highly appreciated on this, to avoid moving into dead ends, programming wise.
We can discuss payment as a project, or pay on work done hourly.

The addon(s) will be internally used within our ragtag group of freelancers, there are no plans to make these commercial.
If the addon(s) would become interesting enough as a commercial addon, there will be a fee for programming maintenance based on sales.
Bug fixing and maintenance on the addon(s) will be done based on user input and planned based on time available for both parties.

Some examples on the web of addon coding will be a nice starter on talks :slight_smile:

If anyone is interested, P.M. me to keep this thread clean.

Edit: The amount of interest on this request is more than we expected, so we’re more or less “locking” this one for now.
All people who send me a P.M. will be contacted soon with some more info.

Thanks for all your interest, good to see the Blender programmer community is thriving! :slight_smile:

Hi @RobWu ,

PM sent, Please check.