Looking for purple gorilla model

Hi me and my friend are working on a clone project of a bonzi buddy.
Our clone is curently based on the msagent that Bonzi Software made and we would like to move beyond that.
The clone will be freeware and there is a chance that .Net port will be opensource.
The proper credit will be given on the demand.
Anyway here are some images of BonziBuddy if you don’t know how he looks like:
A google images link
It looks realy simple to make in blender to me but i’m failier as artist…

Plz conntact me on my email if you want to keep your model private or if you want to releas it to public then just post it here.
[email protected]

Check into the legality of that. An open source alternative is one thing, but it sounds like you’re wanting a clone of the character, which could land you in a bit of hot water.

Uh i know whats legal and whats ilegal.
I don’t think making a clone is ilegal, making a copy is.
Riping is also ilegal somtimes but making something smiliar isn’t.
Anyway the purple gorilla like this is prety simple thing to do in blender.
If someone want’s to help and is scared that this could be ilegal he can conntact me on my mail as i said.