Looking for quality anthro / furry models

Since I’ve been looking everywhere on the internet and came up with little, I thought to try my luck asking here as well. I do animations and renders, but am not a good artist so I typically seek freely licensed art. One thing I haven’t had much luck with was finding good models of anthro / furry characters. I only found a few on Deviantart and similar sites… whereas Blendswap lacks good characters of this genre, despite having great models of other types.

What I’m looking for are good quality anthro models. Typically something realistic, although a little cartoony in feel. Not high-poly for the sake of it, but I seek models with enough detail and of actual quality. I don’t mind models which aren’t textured or UV mapped, but I do have the wish that they are rigged. Also not fanart of proprietary characters… just models that don’t represent any character, or that represent a character which is freely licensed as well. If linking to Furaffinity doesn’t bother anyone (SFW stuff of course), an awesome 3D artist posted some great works which are a good example of what I’m trying to find:

Full gallery for more: http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/zorryn/

These are usually made with DAZ studio. Like Victoria + fur + imported head and accessories. But I’m not into organic so my knowledge is limited.

Never heard about that before. But most anthro models of quality I saw were made in 3DS Max or Maya or others, from what the author said in their description. Not relevant since they weren’t available for use, just renders of the author showing them.

As for fur, I’d imagine that like Blender it isn’t part of the mesh, but added as a particle system or part of the material. Obviously that’s not a problem, since anyone can set up their own particle hair shader later on.

Sorry for the bump, but I’m still curious about this. Anyone know of any good anthro models posted under a free license, for either Bender Internal or Cycles?

I highly doubt that anyone is sharing many good, rigged models (of pro or semi-pro quality) of this particular niche, for free use. If you have already checked blendswap and turbosquid, then I dunno.

If you want a job done right, do it yourself…

There is always MakeHuman… that’s like half of the work done for you.

Thank you very much, I appreciate it! I long forgot about this thread… though to this day it remains valid and open, if anyone knows of more good models do feel free to make me aware!

Lil’ COVID is super easy to model out of the default sphere: I admittedly wanted to just to make some… trollish renders :smile: But let us leave this thread on-topic for its purpose.