Looking for quality trees

Do you know where can I find blender tree models for use in archivz? I need them optimized for cycles - instanced leaves more specifically, to lower the memory usage. There are many free and paid tree models online, but most of them are .max, .obj, and .fbx files which are not suitable for cycles rendering. Anyone?

Before you go looking for tree models, open the Blender addons window and give Sapling or this newer generator a shot.

Also, you can indeed make use of .obj or .fbx files, you just need to import them first (from the file menu).

Alternatively, ngPlant is another good option. I prefer it to Sapling.

Some precreated trees, scroll a bit down the page:

I don’t know details (leaves as instances, materials, etc) but someone in the gallery section posted some renders from a new Evermotion 3D models library that is near to be released with the .blend file format too.

@Ace Dragon I have used sapling already, the quality is not sufficient for me and it makes no economical sense for me to model trees manually.
@matslemmens Nice trees, but these are fbx, it’s impossible to get instanced leaves from them, maintaining their position
@marcatore I have seen that information from Evermotion, the release of that pack is planned on 11th October

Hi, have you considered the Grove generator?

It comes with presets and you can buy the twig models. Generating trees is then just a matter of a few mouse clicks.

Get yourself Speed Tree.

There are some great trees over on the Blender Market. I’ve used a couple of ones by Derek Goff which were quite nice.


You can check out this tree on BlendSwap