Looking for real-time shaders guru ( Nvidia Cg, ARB assembly, GLSL)

We pursue anime / manga art style in our upcoming video game, Steel Storm 2. Currently we have a decent ink shader, but it’s not very robust (doesn’t ink well intersecting or overlapping geometry, very fragile when it comes to distance between geometry and the camera).

The game engine of choice is idTech 4 GPL, with ARB assembly rendering backend. So if shaders are written in Cg, they can be converted into ARB.

I am wondering if there is a specialist on the subject around, how long will it take to accomplish, how much will it cost?

You can reply here or e-mail me at info AT kot-in-action DT com

Thank you.

You may try to contact this artist https://www.youtube.com/user/cfirwin3 I’ve been following his work using realtime GLSL and it’s very impressive:)

Thanks, I sent him an e-mail. Meanwhile I am still open for other options.