Looking for realistic landscaping resources (trees, grasses, etc.)

Hi all,

I’m looking for a good resource for models / software in order to add trees bushes, grasses, etc. to architectural exteriors.

I’d rather not hand-model them.

I know of a few commercial pieces of software (The Grove, Vue) but this is, for the time being, for hobby/exploratory use, so the less expensive the better.

My preference is a generator, but pre-built stuff or plugins are fine, too.

Any help appreciated!

Check out UE4, between its training assets and the asset storie it tends to have most all of what I need (and a selection of free assets as well for this) Unity is a good one as well.

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I’ve actually used that (UE4) - the assets are compatible with Blender?

UE4 is how I discovered SpeedTree.

It may take a bit of work, but yes they are, ue4 and blender do both have that pbr shader thing going on. it will take a bit of setup to get it going though.

Hi Joseph,

I’m familiar with the Marketplace - not really what I’m looking for, though. I’m hoping to find resources that work without having to go through extra steps.


Evermotion.org has tree packs for Blender.

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Thanks, I’ll check it out.

Also, these are offered for free… i think you need to follow them on twitter/gumroad… can’t remember… but i got them for free at least…

edit: Yeah, actually check their facebook page and ask there… they’ll help you get them… Quality looks good on the pictures at least… I haven’t had the time to download yet, so I have no detailed knowledge about them… but they look nice xD

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