Looking for reliable and fast blender artist to work on car modelling project


I need a car / possibly a number of cars modelling in Blender.

Could you please contact me if you are :
-available straight away
-able to work quickly
-completely reliable
-contactable by MSN messenger so we can keep in touch
-available for sensible costs

Please include examples of existing car modelling.


welcome to blender artists.

A little bit more info would be good, like what the project actually is and what kind of car(s) etc.

Either way, Ive sent you a personal message so check your inbox :yes:

damn if only speed weren’t an option, am a bit of a modeling slow poke but I can churn out a good car my current car wip is in my signature not that am applying for anything there not enough detail, is this high poly work, low poly game work etc how many cars and what type etc.

There’s some really good “free” models on the 'net if you look . . . but ofcourse any cars done by us are bound to be better (-; . . . All the best!