Looking for research info on renderers

I’m looking for a research topic, and am considering looking into other renderers.

I guess ‘Hollywood’ people making ‘Spiderman’ or ‘Up’ or some vfx heavy blockbuster would be more inclined to look at 3Delight, Maxwell and Arnold. Can anyone point me to some useful research literature or more general information on this kind of rendering?

I guess the ability to create custom shaders is a good thing, along with fast motion blur, dof and fur, but what else would persuade me to use them and why would I not consider, eg, VRay or Luxrender for big budget rendering?

Also, current trends seem to suggest single pass ray tracing is gaining popularity. Is post process compositing separate passes a legacy of a lack of render speed/features, such as GI?

Anecdotal opinions are more than welcome, but where possible I would prefer published material.

Thanks :smiley:

Pixar uses Renderman.It’s also the seems to be a rendering engine in some big movies: Renderman Movies

Check out 3D world. They have all the latest info regarding the trend with render engines.

From what i’ve gathered, GPU is becoming increasingly popular, and computers are become more powerful, making rendering incredibly fast.

For production, it would be the cost of a license that would limit possibilities, as for each computer, it needs a separate lisences to run the renderer. (big renderfarms= faster rendertimes=big budget)

Not sure if that helped you at all. Post this on CG talk, they’ll have great answers regarding this.