Looking for short- and long-term support of 3D artists/animators


we at Resn Amsterdam are seeking support for incoming work on the short- and longer term.
For the short term we’re mainly looking for people who are experienced in real time 3D modeling and/or working with Blender in general.

if you’re interested, please share your portfolio and availability.


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Hi @Rosie_Bmns

I can surely help.

I am an experienced 2 D and 3D animator and experienced Game developer.

Email me: rachel at cisinlabs dot com


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Hi @Rosie_Bmns,

at MakeBelieveGraphics we create visuals, animations, VR experiances and virtual walk-throughs. We are using Blender more and more for the projects we work on. We have experience working with agencies from Europe and US.

You can look at our website to see what we do: makebelievegraphics.com

Would for sure find time to support you.
kuba.zychowicz at makebelievegraphics.com


Hi Rosie,

I am unable to send you email , Please connect with me over Skype

Skype Id: https://join.skype.com/invite/m2h9vc3QRUcO


Hi Rosie

I’m currently in South Africa, but I’m willing to relocate if it seems viable :slightly_smiling_face:

Some work of mine:


(Fan Animation and nothing to do with Insomniac Games)

I’m a 3D generalist and I have experience creating PBR assets for realtime applications, mostly games and online configurators.
I can be available for 10-20 hours/week

Portfolio : https://www.artstation.com/abdoubouam
Email : abdoubouam at gmail dot com

My name is Edgard Antonio, I’m from Brazil, and I’m freelancer 3d animation, I use Maya since
2002 for my work and Blender since 2011, following some of my work, I am Bachelor of Computer Science.


  • Blender
  • Maya


  • Animation
  • Rigging
  • Rendering / Light / Shading
  • Scripting

Studios and companies I worked:

  • Rock in Rio

  • 3DAr (Argentina)

  • Romeu e Julieta Studio

  • Techno Image

  • and others

My Reel - 100% Blender

Reel Animation - https://vimeo.com/292037213

Skype: edgard.caliman
Email: [email protected]

Hello i am Chris i am Junior 3D Artist, i am experienced in hard surface modelling, digital sculpting, PBR Texturing, basic/intermediate animation and rigging,and more, and i am available for most of days on the week, and 12 $ per hour rate, Most of my Works here https://www.artstation.com/michaelbendavid Regards Chris.