Looking for software that is good at creating curves that i can import to Blender.

After a rather painful time of using Blenders Curves to create a shape I was wondering if there was something good out there that would be more suited to the task of tracing around an image to create a shape.

Cutting intersecting curves and adding a radius to a corner would be a big plus.

I have used Rhino before which was great but the licence ran out. I dont need anything that powerful but it had great tools for 2D splines.

Thanks in advance.

Vector drawing programs. Blender can import .svg as curves. Works well, and if there is a problem, it’s often because the asset wasn’t defined as paths before exporting so Blender doesn’t know to combine multiple of them and can’t use the same gimmicks for it.

Inkscape for example https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?301569-modeling-a-puzzle-piece&p=2430010&viewfull=1#post2430010

i have downloaded InkScape to have a look at what it can do. If i can set a radius and clip intersecting curves then thats all i need.

Grease Pencil (poly draw) to curves? Change the handle types at corners for spline bends?