Looking for some artists

Hey guys, I’ve talked with Alltaken, and he said it would be fine for me to post this ad here. I’m looking for a couple of designers who use Inkscape, or Adobe Illustrator, or anything similar (vector program), for a design team I’m starting up.

So that you guys understand, I’m am NOT looking for a couple of guys to do all the work for me, I’m looking for 2 artists who know how to make logos in a vector program, and want to be part of an equal team. We all 3 do the work, we all 3 split the proceeds. Also, we would all three split the expenses (website, domain, split three ways, isn’t gonna be that expensive).

The reason I’m posting here, is because I’d like this to be a blenderhead thing. Who knows, if this works out, we might do some blender projects in future. :slight_smile:

If you’re interested, send me a PM, I’ll give you a couple of my logos, so you know I’m a legit designer, and you can send me 2 or 3 of yours.

Thanks guys,
Marty J.

PS. www.logobank.ro is a great example of 3 guys who work together as a design team.

love to , but
1 Im not that talented…
2 Ive got no cash…
Friggin Gumball machine

Hey Drew (that might be wrong, I’m terrible with names), don’t worry about the no money thing, even if I had to pay the whole thing, hosting for a small website, and a domain name aren’t that expensive, so I’d be willing, if you just couldn’t.

As for the talent, it’s worth a shot, show me what you got man. :slight_smile:

I didn’t know you were into vector gfx, Lua.
I like vector gfx a lot… maybe nearly as much as CG :smiley:
I’d help you out if I were more experienced with Inkscape. But, alas, I don’t have the skillzorz

Lua, very interesting. What are you looking for design skills or layout skills? And as far design skills go, is it all 2d or some 3D stuff as well?

Here’s a sample of my work.

I’ll let it speak for itself.


CW: Let me know if you change your mind. :slight_smile:

ozo: Hey. What I’m looking for is definitely design skills, although we will have to design our website, so layout skills don’t hurt. And it will probably all be in 2D, but like I said, if we do well, we might be able to think about doing some blender 3D stuff for fun. For now though, all you need is to be able to design logos in vector format.

vk: w00t, mad skills, check your inbox. :wink:

Hmm? There’s nothing in my inbox. Oh wait, I get it. Dear sir, I am offended!

In all seriousness, I used to be really good at vector design. I’ll reinstall Illustrator and see if I can’t regain some mad skillz…

hey, not sure if ive got the talent your after. give me something to do and ill see what i can do…ive worked for bridge house before as a g/c designer and some clients where loreal, cancer research uk, esporta, relish the thought and some others…

also, i dont mind spending a few pounds…

Ooh, ooh, I found something that I did. I did my piano teacher’s website… Actually it doesn’t have any content yet, just a bio and a fake reperatoire.

vk: Sweet, let me know if you’ve still got the mad skills.

daniel8488: Are you talking about 3d or 2d work? if your talking about 2D, all i need is to see a logo or some sort of artwork made by you in any vector program. if you’re talking about 3d, well, that’s not specifically the talent I was looking for. Do you use Illustrator or inkscape? If so, then all I need to see, is something you’ve made with it. Whether it’s a logo or not. :slight_smile:

edit: just read your last post vk, it’s nice, but I need to see a bit more in way of corporate identity. you know, this stuff you see on busniss cards.

For example, here’s something I made: http://img170.imageshack.us/img170/8333/oakmediaincgo2.png. That’s the kind of work I’m talking about. The stuff you might see on business cards (the text “todayeffect” over it is my watermark).


Face of cabella…

Logos/ names in illustrator, design in photoshop.

when designing this i was thrown in at the deepend, boss told me client wanted a invite card for a venue…thats about it.

not full size, full size is to large to upload

i know your not looking for 3D work specifically but here are some rendes i did for vasious media, my last employer. just little renders out of an animation i did for them with help of another elysiun member, reaper X.

http://farm1.static.flickr.com/124/329606114_ff5a7013ff.jpg - Printer

http://farm1.static.flickr.com/149/329606113_5fd56a675d.jpg - Screen

Daniel, mate, you are awesome! Check your inbox :slight_smile:

Everyone else: I think I may have done a bad job explaining what I’m looking for. I’m going to use Daniel8488’s first image as an example. Click on it, and take a look at the white box in the lower right corner. You see the logos in it? That’s the kind of stuff this design team will be making. The logos you see on websites and business cards. Hopefully that helps everyone out.

Alright, Im interested, but I used to just use Photoshop as a design tool, Only recently learned about Inkscape. Obviously they are fairly different, but Ive gotten used to such an approach to design. The only problem:(Goes off topic here)

Ive had Inkscape for a while, but there is some kind of error when it exports the bitmap image of my project. It exports to a fiel that my computer doesnt recognize, and even inkscape doesnt know what it is. Ive tried nearly everything to figure it out, reinstalled and whatnot…aagghh…
Anyway, so If I could fix that…Definatley interested.

I use Illustrator, so I’m not familiar with this problem. You should try reinstalling inkscape. I heard version .43 had some bitmap export problems. Try downloading the latest version from inkscape.org.

Ive tried reinstalling, and Im using .44.1
Ah well, guess Im out.
Good luck man

Maybe you forgot to put the file extension when exporting.

free_ality: sorry to hear that man. hope everything works out. scriptlance.com is a great site if you want to freelance some day. :slight_smile:

everybody: thanks for the support. daniel8488 has joined up, so we only need 1 more member, then we can start getting everything set up. keep it coming!

You know Lua, you only really need one layout guru, the other two guys can do stuff in Blender and Photoshop.

For example, in Blender you can render an image in F10 on Full size, quality 100% and OSA at 16. And then you can take that image and import it to a template you get from cafepress (lets say a Greeting Card template) and the Blender image looks and fits just fine on the template. And it prints alright as well.

That´s what I did last year in my Illustrator classes, I found it easier to do stuff in Blender and render on full and then import them into Illustrator and it looked just fine on the Business card.