looking for some constructive criticism

So I was bored with programming today and decided to try and make a scene.
I’m trying to make a decent looking scene with a poly count that is acceptable for games. I know there are a lot of faces that can be deleted in this model, but let me know what you think? is this ok as far as poly count goes? 5200? Of course i’d like to add more stuff, but in general am I doing a decent job of keeping a low poly count or is there a better way to do this with comparable (or better) visual quality.


Pecosriver.blend (222 KB)

game engine poly-count-restrictions are usually compensated for in games by excellent texturing, and since i see none on your models, it’s hard to say. the poly count is OK, but by the looks of it, there are a LOT of unnecessary polygons. for example, there’s a LOT of flat space on your terrain that uses tons of unnecessary polygons.

youre off to a good start as a beginner though, and always remember: set smooth! (looks a lot better :] )

This is considerably higher-poly than I would normally do, yes. You don’t need to subdivide that many times. You might look at this page of a tutorial I wrote: http://www.johnwallie.com/bgeenv04.html (or to see the tutorial from the beginning, click here)

cool thanks for the info. Does set smooth not affect the poly count or slow things down? I turned it on and it looks much better.
How do I get my ground from being shiney?

Set smooth just changes the way light is reflected on the faces or your object, it barely effects gameblender at all. In gameblender a scene should be around 20,000 polygons (average) I’ve seen from 100,000 to 10,000, but 20,000 seems a good medium. The polygon count could definately be reduced in your scene. Just delete unneeded verticies and use the fill tool, shift-f, which joins 3 or 4 verticies together as a polygon, to fill in the holes.

To make it less shiny go into the material tabs > shaders panel the set spec to 0.0, its also about your lights, have the light higher so its radius is bigger and its not so much focused on one point.

isn’t fil just F?