Looking for some Creative Commons renders for commercial use.

Hello everyone :evilgrin:,

I’m finishing an article about OSS (including Blender) for SM network which should soon be published, and I wonder if you can help me to find out someone who’ll agree to contribute couple of works for the purpose, with the relevant links and credits to the author.

I couldn’t find anything in the gallery which says that the images can be used for commercial purposes.

If you’re interested, please drop me a line to my email.

Thank you.


It sounds like what you’re asking for is not creative commons work specifically, but just permission from some artists to use their work for a commercial purpose.

You’ll probably have more luck if you find some artists who’s work you like and approach them directly. Ask around!

Know your foe :smiley:
It´s really just courtesy to ask the author for commercial usage if he didn´t license with -NC
Unless it´s CC-NC you can ALWAYS use it commercially:

CC 3.0 basically always is -BY so you got to name the author though.
If its CC-BY-ND it might be a problem if you crop, scale or resize it. Not sure for this :wink:

Quite easy:

-BY (by <name>)
-NC (non-commercial)
-SA (share alike)
-ND (no derivatives)

The main problem is no one properly licenses his images and if it isn´t stated somewhere the artists copyright always takes effect. And beyond that, a minority knows what the license types mean :slight_smile: (generally speaking, not aiming at OP)

Thanks folks,

@Rocketman I’ll take this advise and will contact personally.

@arexma thanks for the info!

“Asking permission” is always the right thing to do, and you should do so in a way that documents the fact that you did so, and exactly when and how. “Pay attention even to trifles” with regards to proper copyright-notice and attribution requirements. Then, if someone happens to order you to “cease and desist” (and you, of course, promptly do so…) your asterisk is covered. You can prove, should you ever need to, that: you did the right things, in all the right ways, that you were both knowledgeable and respectful of copyrights, and that the copyright holder in question is simply an asteriskhole. :wink:

I did that fifteen years ago with regard to a software product that I (still…) sell. The vendor’s wording about a particular software component library was not 100%-crystal, and I was, after all, planning to sell something, so I picked up the phone and called their legal department. After they picked themselves up off the floor, they quickly said, “sure, it’s okay.” I asked them to send me a letter on their letterhead to that effect, and they quickly did so. I filed the letter away. In the next release of the product, the legalese had been clarified. It really caught them by surprise that I had bothered to ask. But it was a good kind of surprise.