Looking for some guidelines on efficient character creation workflows.

I’ve got the modeling, rigging, texturing, all that figured out. My problem is I don’t really know when to do what in order to make the process efficient.

My main stumbling block is not knowing when to apply my mirror modifier. Do I apply it and then texture and rig, or do I wait until the very last to do all that. I know there are tools available that use mirror functions to make things easier but to what extent, I do not know.

Mirroring generally is used at the beginning, at modeling stage. When model is roughed out, rigging is explored.

Since I seem to never be really finished with a model (I tinker too much I guess), I’ll save a copy with the mirror modifier still on, then work on the copy and apply the mirror modifier. That way, I can always go back and tinker some more on the mirrored model if I need to. Sometimes, after I’ve applied the mirror, I’ll need to do some more modeling, so I delete half the model and put another mirror on there.

The bottom line is, nothing says you have to have only one model. Just make many copies and fill up your hard drive like I do! :slight_smile: