Looking for someone to code random object generator with random loc / rot script(s)


 Here's what I'm looking for:
  • Generate random objects from a group or list

  • Generated objects will need random loc / rot(within a volume, see below) no need for scale but option would be nice

  • Objects generated need to be generated within a volume(that I would create first before random object generation)

  • An interface or panel if possible

  • Would be great if there was a way to avoid interpenetration of objects as they will have all be rigid bodies and I want to avoid explosions

  • A way to tell it how many objects to make, not a range but an absolute value

Let me know if you have any questions, also how much you would charge for this sort of thing. It’s rather low budget work but I’m willing to work with you on a flat rate if it’s reasonable.


If you can also do this with MEL in Maya or using Maya’s python API, don’t be shy, let me know! I need to do this in Maya too, later down the road.
I’ll need to do this in both Maya and Blender but if worse comes to worse, i’ll just learn the MEL part on my own

sending PM…

Well, you can have it in a form of script or addon but… why one would spend money for something that already implemented? It’s quite fast and flexible and no need to reinvent a wheel

Oh, I thought you couldnt have particles interact with passive rigid bodies in the scene?
I cant seem to get it working at least.

Thats strange, I can finally get them to interact with other rigid bodies, wasnt working before. . hmmm.
Anyway, they won’t settle and I want to be able to move and rotate each object to tweak loc rot if needed once theyve settled.

No, I mean you can use particle system for generation, not for interaction. Just fill a volume with insrances, convert them to individual objects, tweak them, PROFIT!!!

Issue solved

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