Looking for someone to create a 3d character for a game

Hey, I am looking to have a 3d character designed and modelled and set up for some animations.

I’m not 100% set on the art style of the game yet but I’m thinking graphically along the lines of the recent hitman games.

The character is to be a small shadowy, ghostly type of demon. I want it to look fierce yet cute at the same time. Ideally it would be modular with a few head, torso, limb, wing and tail variations that can be swapped out here and there.
My thoughts were bigger and stronger parts would slow the player but add strength and damage resistant abilities, where as smaller parts would make the player a little weaker but more agile.

I work full time as a tradesman and building this game is just a hobby/ side project of mine so there is no major deadline. Even if I could just get some rough place holder designs made for now so I can play around with them as I work on the game.

Your level of experience is no real concern of mine as long as you can put out a nice final product.
As the project goes on I will most likely see if you could also create the rest of the game objects, characters and environments but for now just this one.

No Idea on budget really, I don’t have too much spare coin to spend on this but just message me with some prices and maybe a rough sketch or some previous similar work if you have any and we can discuss.

Feel free to message me with any questions you have.


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