Looking for someone to create a script to design an object automatically


I am looking for someone who can create a Blender Script for me to automatically create some orthodontics retainer.

Actually, I’m a French Orthodontist and I’m trying a new kind of orthodontic retainer on some of my patients. For the moment, I know someone who design me those retainers, but more I will use those retainers, more it will cost me. That’s why I want to design them in-house.
I am not really comfortable with Blender Designing, that’s why I’m looking for an easy solution.

Here is an example of the retainer :

So basically,
Once in my office, I can scan my patients mouth to get two .stl files of the jaws of my patient (one for the upper arch, one for the lower arch).

Then, I would like a super easy solution to create this kind of retainer. I don’t know if a script can detect a similar morphology to design the retainer, or if I can click on some remarkable points on the teeth (that the script is asking to me) to get the script to create the retainer / Import a created one in a good position.

Then maybe I can click on some points on the retainer (or in the script section on the side view) to adjust the position the retainer depending on each patient morphology. Like in this picture :

The characteristics of the retainer should stay intact, even if I’m moving it:

I would like also to click on some visible points to adjust the size of the pad if needed in certain patients. We could also adjust the height and thickness of the wire that connects the pads in the settings, if after further studies I have to modify them. Otherwise, it will remain 0.75mm thick and 1.25mm high.

Do someone here have the capabilities of doing this kind of plugin ? Also, what could it cost me ?

I saw some guy creating some scripts for dental use where there are some instructions on the side view to help the doctor to do what they want. Unfortunately they don’t have a module for what I really want.

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Well because this is maybe something special because it’s a medical product:

…this dental addon you mentioned for blender has it’s own website where you can join and it seems that there is some group discussion about multiple ways to make something new… maybe they also would make this as a new module (as they sell in ther shop) ??

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Thank you everybody for your replys,
I found someone to do the job.

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