Looking for someone to create a specific type of camera addon for myself

Looking for someone who can create a specific type of camera addon for Blender. I like to do LEGO stop motion and photography, and I want to start combining real life LEGO scenes with 3D ones. The 3D models of various LEGO pieces are the same exact size of LEGO pieces in real life, and I want to be able to match a set against an exact one identically. Below is an example of what I mean:

Here is a photo of real LEGO pieces:

Now here is that same image in Blender with a 3D model of the same build as I (horribly) attempt to align the two:

Hopefully so far this isn’t too confusing, considering that a task like this is very specific when you take into account the placement of a camera and its field of view/focal length. I understand Blender has a measuring tool as well:

So ideally what I would like is maybe a way to measure various parts of LEGO pieces in the same build that’s in a photo and as a 3D object, and then have the camera snap in place to line up those measurements, along with its camera location and field of view. I’ve tried using this technique with software such as fSpy, but it’s not as direct as I would like it to be. I’m hoping someone on here can help me develop such a tool or at least guide me in the right direction. In terms of pay, I am on a budget of about $150 for something of the variety. I hope that would be acceptable. If you are interested or capable of helping me, please contact me below or at my email: [email protected]

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