Looking for someone to create realistic 3D images

I need someone with better blender skills than me to create some (probably about 5 ) models. Some of these will be architectural (older buildings) and some will be of objects. Reference images will be provided.

The purpose of these models will be the creation of high rez images (so they are not for game assets). Natural lighting application and realistic material use will be appreciated.

Depending on skill level, I suspect the work can be done in a few weeks.
If you’re interested, please send me examples of your work and fee expectations. This is a paid project that could lead to more work in the future.



Hi Davideo,

Can you provide an example of the kind of work you need done?


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Hi, for the moment I’d rather keep that info to myself. I’ll share it with the people who make the shortlist. (I expect that to happen early next week).

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