Looking for someone to draw a logo from a idea I have.

Background info for me;
I am Brandon Fuller I live in Indianapolis, Indiana.
my email is [email protected]
My company website (still under construction) Scottabedoneright.com

This is a heating and cooling company. (Scotty B’s) I am the owner.

I am looking for someone to draw/create the art work. I am needing someone who is great with Fire and Ice. I would like to have a double helix, one vortex of fire, helixing with a vortex of ice. I would like to see the vortices cylinder shaped over a tornado style. I dont want it to be wider at the top than the base. Think of 2 swimming pool noodles. I am trying to upload a rough sketch of what I have in mind if I can get my phone to load the picture to my computer.

please let me know if you are able to help out or if you have more questions.

I know you all are professionals as I am, And also for great work, comes a price. I just hope I can afford that price. :slight_smile:

I do have other Ideas of art work I am wanting for my website at a future time. I am more in need of getting this logo finished first.

Thanks for all who read and view this thread
My apologies to those who hate people like me coming into your community.

Send you an email



I am interested in this too
don’t mean to step on toes.
I’ll send an email.

Awesome, Thanks for the interest.

I have replied to all emails,also included a sketch of my rough draft. Lets get this finished so I can move on to the next art work I have.

Thanks again for all the interest.

Have sent an email.
WE love folks like you. :slight_smile:
Good luck with the business.

I have a question about protocol one how I choose a artist/artwork. Since I have several people interested in this. A few of them have done a quick “close rough draft” showing me what they are able to do, some people say we can work from that and move forward.

I would hate to have a different people working on something if I end up choosing a artwork that I like better.

Do I need to “hire” one person and see what they can do for me, or have everyone possible work on something until I find something I like?

I know I dont want to pay for work I dont like, Also someone should not have to work for no pay.

My apologies, I have never had to hire someone for this type of work.

Thanks for the help.

Maybe that is something that can be included in a sticky for future reference.

The Jobs section of BlenderArtists.org is merely to facilitate a connection between people who need work done and people who can do it. How you handle it from there is on you.

That said, you’re basically hiring a contractor. It would be wise for both of you to negotiate terms up-front before any work is done at all.

Determine who is best for the job by looking at applicants’ portfolios and resumes. You’re not obligated to hire anyone who doesn’t suitably impress you with some sort of evidence of prior experience.

That said, you are obligated, in most cases, to pay someone once they’ve done any kind of work for you, even if you don’t like it.

Asking people to do work and then choosing only your favorite is not unheard of; such contests are very common in the world of professional art. That said, such things are considered “spec” work; asking people to participate in them is considered by many to be highly unethical and many artists refuse on principle to contribute to such schemes. For more information about spec work and why it’s considered evil, check out http://www.nospec.com/

I am working with someone right now, I will let people know if things do not work out.

Thanks for all the interest.

You can close this thread. I have found someone for a final art work. I can start a new thread for anything I have coming up in the future.

Thanks again to all the interested people in the Blender community.

An outstanding idea for a logo!