Looking for someone to model hair for my 3d character

Hi there!

I’m currently making an educational game for virtual reality in which the player interacts with Vermeer in his studio and learns about 17th century art by helping Vermeer complete a painting.

I’ve been working on the Vermeer character for a while now (teaching myself how to use Blender along the way), but still have some work that needs to be done in order for him to be usable in a VR game.

(rendered image, using Cycles)

Here are the details that I need help with:

  • Adding hair that looks like this
  • Adding eyebrows and very light facial hair (beard/mustache area)
  • Adjusting the texture files appropriately (to blend hair with the hair color in the textures) so the character doesn’t look strange

I can pay $15 for this work, and will send the payment to the PayPal account that you specify in your DM. If this project is of interest to you, please reply and I’ll DM you with the .blend file and more details.

Thank you!

I can do this work
her my works https://www.facebook.com/pages/Isshak-souaci/361566937343656?ref=bookmarks