Looking for someone to motivate me to get back into the blender community

I’ve used blender off and on since 2005, Before I left the community for college/work I did speed modelling challenges , Weekend challenges, and posted on BlenderArtists regularly.
Now I have a job in programming, and I don’t feel the urge to go interact with the community or make stuff and post here which , after 5 years of not doing that, makes me feel kinda sad.

I would like to get more into sculpting - YaniSculpts is cool. I would also like to get more into programming - building blender from source and modifying it , creating addons, and so on.
I made shortcut addons awhile ago and recently updated one for blender 2.8, I would like to do more of that.

So blender, programming, sculpting, and art stuff… I may also want to build a discord/irc bot for speed modelling challenges, but that’s if I get the rest of the interaction going.

I would like at least one, but up to a few people that I can talk to for sorting out blender/art ideas, to do blender stuff together like weekend challenges, and feel part of a community again.

Take a look at this render. It should help motivate you. Thanks Industrial Loft with vintage furniture


Easy… work harder. :stuck_out_tongue:
Just don’t be sad, but enjoy doing it for your self! :sunny:


Well, I guess I’ll keep trying.


So are you looking for some work to get you motivated?

I have something of an animation challenge with a company I’m setting up. Essentially, I need cool animations with text objects and image planes (or more complex objects).

I also might have a coding challenge that might be up your street.

Let me know if either of these are something that interests you, and we can chat!