Looking for someone to partner with


(Aaron Philip Taylor) #1

Hello! I and two other people have started to create a 3D platformer and have most of what we need. One team member will be making the music, and the other and I will be working in Blender and Unity. However, we are missing one key component. While overall the assets I’ve been able to create fit the game worlds well, the character models need refinement of which none of us are capable. The art style we’re going with is somewhat of a mix of Wind-Wakers cell-shaded look, and A Hat in Time, as the gameplay and world design will be based from Banjo Kazooie and Super Marion Sunshine. For the entire game we estimate we’ll need 20-30 models, all of which I can make rough models of. Basically we need a team member to take my rough models, and make them into good-looking models that look like they could be in the final game. While we dont have a budget, basically all done so far has been created in our own time, if we ever release this game everyone involved in making it will obviously get a cut. For the refined models specifically, since we’ll be going with a cell-shaded style eyes and mouths cells will be needed separate from the model as a 2D image, and projected onto their 3D placement. If your interested, please respond with some of your work and I’ll add you to the discord we’re using for everyone in the small team we’ve put together.

(Ace Lyons) #2

Hello, my name is Ace, and I am interested in joining your project. I have been working with Blender for a few years now and am comfortable working with stylized characters and models. I also have experience with retopologizing, creating textures in Photoshop, and working in traditional and digital art.

My portfolio: https://www.artstation.com/acelyons

You can contact me through DM or email: [email protected]