Looking for someone to render out simple turntables.

Hey there. I’m looking for someone with a decent computer to render out some turntables. I need these for my future demo reel and because my laptop is not that great I’m asking for help. I only have a few of these right now and the scenes are very simple. I want to render them out in about 500 samples and 1920x1080 if possible. So if you have the time to help me, just send me a pm with your computer specs or just post here. If you nee dmore information, please ask.

If your computer is slow you can always use services like www.render.st to quickly get your turntables :slight_smile: Just a tip

Hmm, but don’t you have to pay for the rendering?

i can help you out and leave my pc on over night, if that helps. i have a gtx 660.

I need to know what file format you would like to have it rendered in, and also you’d need to prepare the file how you would want it rendered, so i can only hit ‘render animation’.

I’ve sent you a message blackdot.

Hey my PC is available, 2.8ghz quad 16gb ram, GTX780 if you need some extra grunt

Gotten what I needed rendered. Thanks everyone.