Looking for someone to unwrap and paint my sword model

Hey I have a blender model ready to be exported ingame but I don’t know how to paint nor do I know how to unwrap.

I’ll pay 15 dollars if someone can paint it with a black, steel, bluish color scheme (go crazy, not looking for anything in particular) and is willing to send me both the blend file that has the object and uv map along with the png texture file that has the actual texture itself.

Thanks, I’ll pay you through paypal and I’ll send you the money before you even send me the file if you show me a screenshot here in the thread thanks in advance.

If you can either pm the files or email me that would be fine as long as I can download it I’m good to go.

I could Do a good job. I can export the UV map to photo-shop and then bring it back to the .blend file and send you a link to my midia-fire save/download link. Do you have the .blend so I can show you what I can do?

PM me it or make a free account at www.mediafire.com and send me a link to it; the .blend so I can get started on the screen shot


Not sure if you picked anyone yet. I will be happy to knock this out with a quick turnaround.

I’ll do it for you for 6$ :slight_smile: Just drop me a PM.