Looking for someone who can make models, do animatons, and make objects for a 3d game

I am from a company that is currently working on a game that is based on the medieval ages, it will be 3d. We are looking for someone who will be able to make objects for the map, and make models for the players and the AI. Pay can be discussed by email or by PM but please PM me first.

We are looking for someone who can help with the description below.

The objects shouldn’t have a large amount polygons should be between 5,000 and 15,000 we’d like the graphics to be decent, but not to high that we can’t render them. The time era will be between the 1,400’s and 1,500’s.

-We’d like a wooden sort of gate that is large in size to be a sort of parameter for an area. -Wooden Gate Siding.

    -Wooden Gate Corner.         

    -Wooden Gate Opening.      

-We’d like some plant elements to place around the map.

-Grass Blades.

-Small Shrubs anything around that time era.

-Small, Medium, and Large Tree’s of a regular type.

-We’d like some housing materials to build houses.

-The sides of the house divided into 2-4 sections.

-The corners the sides meet up at.

-The edges the sides meet up at the angled roofing. So it looks layered, at 30 degrees.

-We’d like some character models.

We need a model to be wearing a thobe for an Islamic look.

We need a model to be dressed in medieval European clothing.

We need another model to be wearing medieval European clothing, but also this needs to be all stitched up and poorer looking.

hello, I’m interested. see my private message.

Hello, I’ve sent you a PM, please check your inbox.

Hello I`m interested too.(PM) Is this still available?

We are now reviewing all of the applications that were sent in, people can still apply. After we have selected someone to work for us, then we will announce it on here. If we need any more positions filled, then we will also post up here.

You may look at my PM.

3d Artist/Gamedesigner with Unity 3d experience free for some work!

Hello ,
Im experienced with Unity and IOS, Android development and know how to bring any 3d character to life (incl.design,

check my portofolio:
and my 1. android game:

My rate depends on the project.

Send me an email to discuss your project.
email:[email protected]

Thank you all for applying to the job position. We have now put together a team of people from this website, and we will not be accepting any other people onto the team.