Looking for someone who Teaches Working with Blender

Hey there , i would like to learn also my self modelling/modeling/ and even concept art making
if someone can teach such things , i pay for it and we start through any remote programm or voice etc.

skype: karlitos19921


What I’m going to do, myself, is sign up at cloud.blender.org/gooseberry to access all DVDs and video content. Signup is around 60 dollars USD and that is for 3 months, then 12 dollars approx a month to support Gooseberry project. Awesome deal. Great deal on the DVDs I’ve always wanted. Good luck.

i did already on citizen , but i want better describing tutorials , and they not enough for character making
there is just 1-2 game character tutorials modellling :confused:

dvd = cost alot cant pay that now. ty for reply

Hi, I’m a proficient modeler, and I’m interested in this. Are you looking for someone to video chat and explain things like the basics of topology and workflow? Or are there specific situations, (such as character modeling, or furniture modeling), that you would like to know how to approach? Please see my signature for my portfolio. Thanks in advance for you time.

-Ethan J. Biller

bossestrenders , iw ant to leanr to make characters for games
learn blender more better uk now ?
then i will need to learn making rooms architecture or whatever you call it

just add me on skype

I can teach character modeling and rigging related stuff
check my PM

pm’d you back :wink: