Looking for something like this...

Hi community!
I’ve always doing the animated maps for the forecast for my father (he’s meteorologist), and this time i’ve been thinking of doing something with the GE, i believe that is possible
Here’s the reference (just look for the map with symbols) but i’m no good with python:

The idea is to get a blend with all the symbols and the maps, and then (maybe manually) enter the values, and the GE would put the corresponding symbol and number in predefined sites. Also the camera would have key positions, triggered by hand. With that blend in the background we can capture the entire animation, and then added to the forecast. Do you think that it’s possible? I think so. If there is someone interested, PM me please.

Thanks for hearing! :wink:

By the way, my father is the CEO of www.infoclima.com

Another thing: maybe the data will be feeded automatically. I’ll post some pics of the map design soon.


well you can use a hi res map in a plane or globe and put an empty in each predefined place, each empty can have several addobject actuators for each symbol. and they can be commanded using a python script and messages

btw, saludos desde Neuquén!!

Antes que nada, thanks for your quick reply!

I thought that it could be very simple. It will be my first dive into python. :wink:

Si tienes una tarjeta compatible de OpenGL, puedes tener mejores resultados usando GLSL.

En el menú Game, activa Use GLSL materials.

Thanks a lot! :wink: