Looking for specific tutorials for Hand Painted textures.

I’m looking for textures kinda directed towards hand painted textures similar to World of Warcraft, Idk what it is, but it seems to be the hardest category of tutorials to find.
I see a bunch of amazing stuff on Pinterest, but no tutorials, no videos, and most of the videos are old and “outdated” compared to how most WOW Textures are made, I know of one texture artist who uses Zbrush to sculpt the textures and edits them in photoshop, I honestly would really like to get into that, but finding tutorials even like that is difficult, I’ve heard that Hand painted textures are becoming popular, but you’d think something popular would have a lot of tutorials.

I’ve seen a couple tuts on 3Dmotive, but I don’t have money for that right now -_-…

Some of these may be of use.