Looking for spme Hair Particle info

Ive looked at a couple tutorials and such and Im beginning to get the idea behind using particles to create hair on a model. I still have some questions though…

Say I have my model of a person, how should I go about creating the initial surface for their hair? Should I just select some faces on the head, duplicate it and make it a new object? Any other techniques?

Also I can’t seem to correctly color/texture the hair. I was using a tutorial but I must have missed something because after a few passes through, it was still just showing up base white color.

Basically, are there more tutorials out there, specificly one centered around making some fairly simple hair for a female human modell?

Thanks :slight_smile:

here, I was having a little trouble on that subject too. I found this :
click on the place at the bottom of the page that is NOT braids, that’s a model and you can’t see how it was made:) the vid. is very helpful, but you may need to go back and watch it a few times

That is pretty good except for the fact that it doesnt have audio to guide you along… The problem I have is that I can make some hair, I just cant seem to get it to shape right… all I really want is hair that will go along the top of the female models head, and then fall behind and down her back.

Each time I try to do thise with curve guides, it ends up going THROUGH her head, or other various things. :confused:

You are on the right track!
Create a copy of a portion of the mesh.
Add the static partials to the new separate scalp mesh.
Next is curve guides to control the hair. Try leaving the particle motion alone at first. ADD Bezier-curve with (Curve Guide) force field applied to it. To control the number of strands or actually the amount of area affected by the force field (Curve-Guid) you set the minimum and maximum distance.
I think most would tell you to forget the idea the partial hair is magic. It is not. The partial hair system doesn’t do anything on its own. You control how the hair flows over the head with a curve guide.
At first I thought that since real hair falls on the scalp particle hair should also fall onto the scalp and flow down onto the shoulders. BUT that is not how it works if you apply gravity the hair it just bends down and totally ignores the scull and the neck and the shoulders (even if you set head and shoulders to deflect particles). The only way to get the hair to look like it lays on the shoulders or the scalp or the bed she is laying on is to create curve guides that control the exact position of the hairs, usually lots and lot of curve guides for realistic effect.

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Hope this helps.