Looking for Star Trek Models

I’m looking for some Star Trek ship models (specifically a Klingon D7 for now) that will work with the latest version of Blender (2.34). Can anyone recommend a place to find some? The only sites that I have found were Blenderwars and the Star Trek Blender site. The images on both sites have been taken down. I talked to the creator of the images, and he said that he is working on them because they won’t work with the latest version of Blender. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Try http://www.blenderwars.com. I know it says star wars, but they have some star trek and babylon 5 models under the models section. Have fun.




2.34 loads any file created with any previous version of blender.


I must concur. I’ve never had a problem with any version of Blender loading any blend file (that include “forward compatability” as well as backwards).

I agree as well. A friend of mine had downloaded his Enterprise “1701-A” model, and gave me a copy. It works fine with the latest version of blender that I’m using. The Blenderwars images link to his old site which is not working. Will Blender import images created in other formats? I’ve found some other models but they were created using other programs like; 3D Studio Max.

there are import scripts for a lot of formats.

Where can I find these import scripts? How do they work? Is it like a “plug in” for Blender?

there are a couple at the import tab in the file menu. for others you have to press the search button on the top of the orange bit of this screen