Looking For Student Team

Hey Blender Buds
My Name is Jesse I’m From BC Canada.

I’ve entered a contest for a 40k grant to produce an Animated 360 VR experience. If awarded the grant I would like to bring a team together under one roof.

The Grant would pay for the living expenses (Food, Rent, Rendering Computers & Additional Online Education) for a team of 4 to 8 people. Team size will depend on Interest, Availability and if people are willing to share rooms. Personally I don’t need a room. A Couch or Carpeted Floor would be good for me!! (I probably wouldn’t be sleeping much…)

The Grant winners will be announced on Feb 20th 2018. If I win,I will acquire a house for the 1st of March. I would like to get all the team members settled within the first 2 weeks. We Will have 5.5months to complete the project. It’s due August 7th. The house will either be in the Greater Vancouver Area or in the Kootenay’s. It will be a 4 to 6 bedroom house.

If you already have Blender experience and would like this opportunity to improve your skills, send me some of your work and we can discuss flying you to Vancouver BC… But, the budget is tight so ideally it would be best if you could cover your own transportation to the Studio.


The Immersive VR Project will be under 5 minutes. It will follow a character with a high tech camera as he explore’s a future city with a group of strangers from around the world. We will be working with The Venus Project, using their City Designs and replicating the social system within the animation. If you have never heard of the organization please check them out at thevenusproject.com

There is also a complementary project that must be completed. The side project has to be 5 to 10 minutes and be related to the VR experience. Depending on the teams talent we might be able to create an additional animation for the complementary project that follows the VR experience from a more cinematic point of view. A second animation would be ideal but a Documentary on the teams experience within the “Educational Live In Studio” would be easier.

Team Members.

1 Facial Animator - I need someone that is interested in studying facial animation and becoming very good at it. Good enough to easily get a job in the animation or gaming industry after the duration of the project.

1 to 3 2D/3D General Animators - This is an animation project so their will be a lot of animating to complete. I will need a few people interested in becoming good animators over the duration of the project.

1 to 3 General 3D Modellers - There will be a bunch of characters and a large city environment to model so a solid group of modellers is also needed.

1 Lighting and Rendering Expert - One of the general animators or modellers could take on this role. Everyone should be willing to learn the basics but I would like to have one person dedicated on diving real deep and take up the responsibility to ensure the final renders match and look super stellar.

1 Pipeline Person - Understanding pipelines is important for all team projects. Someone that is interested in focusing on this aspect early on, and working with me to ensure a smooth pipeline is built so our work can Flow smoothly. The pipeline will be established as the other student workers are manly powering through tutorials. Once the pipeline is up we can start bringing it all together.

You Must Be
A Human from Earth
18 plus
out of school
have no major commitments
Able to Start This MARCH
Able to Work on Project tell August
Able to deal with stress
Able to consistently dedicate a MINIMUM of 40 HOURS a WEEK on the Project
(Learning, Tutorials, and household things like cooking for the team count towards these hours)
Driven to learn
Interested in self-development
Excited to have 6 months free from economic responsibilities
Capable of Learning quickly from online sources
Able to live with others

You Will Receive
Free Housing for 6 months - March to April
Whole Foods - Mostly Fruits, Vegetables, Grains
Access to CG Cookie and Blender Cloud for tutorials

More Information

The Living experience- https://youtu.be/funvmFWO_A0
History on the grant pitch process- https://youtu.be/7_loMpaIGyA?list=PLu6NQ-uRN9EPQ9_apNIy9Wb30OepE7d-o

The Project Page- https://www.facebook.com/StoryHiveTheCity/
The Team Page- https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheCityTeam/

In Conclusion
I will be checking here often,
but the more people that join the facebook group, like the page and interact with the youtube videos the greater our chances of winning the grant. So please consider such actions.
Thanks for your time and consideration!!!