Looking for synthetic music software

Hi! My brother and I have been trying to find some software we could use to create music and be able to export it as a .wav or mp3. Right now, all we’ve been able to find are drum machines. Does anyone know of some good, open source software we could use? (Linux or Windows will do.) Thanks.

I found this: http://www.skale.org/ I have never tried it though.

For Linux have a look at:

Planet CCRMA a Fedora based distribution specifically for creating music.

Agnula’s DeMuDi is similar to the Planet but Debian based.

Both of these distros include ardour (hdr), linuxsampler (playback of Gigasampler files), Muse and Rosegarden (Midi sequencers) and a bunch of soft synths as well as scripting languages dedicated to sound processing (Csound, etc.) Everything you need for a dedicated Linux based DAW.

Have fun!

Thanks! I’ll take a look at these programs. :smiley:

I personally use Buzz Tracker. It’s freeware, and you have to tell the program to run in Win 2000 or 98 compatibility mode, but it is a very powerful program. I really like it, but the program never was completly finished. So, I’m still waiting for a Buzz killer (like Reason), but free.

for the brave

, http://sourceforge.net/projects/supercollider

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i use audacity

Before I download it, does it actually have a way to synthesize sound rather than just alter it?

Audacity is not used for creating music, but it is an excellent sound editor. Even though it can’t create music, it is invaluable for post production, such as trimming and combining tracks. Thanks everyone for your help so far! :smiley:

Not opem source, and windows only, but I use a few e-jay tiitles. They came on pc magazine covers so not expensive! You can quickly create some pretty good tracks, in various styles. Exports to .wav.

Psycle. It has a lot of development to be better, but is very usable.


If you search for a good tool then (as said above) Skaletracker is a good tool. Before you lern this tool you should have in mind that it’s a TRACKER music software and used to create trackermusic (Often related to Console-music) but there is power to make whatever you like in it.

It’s pritty hard to learn though, but when you’ve learned it, it’s gold worth!

I use to have a lot of fun with FastTracker. It was running under dos but was really good and fun to use.

Although fasttracker’s development has been put aside indefintely, they created Skale, which seems very similar but for windows environment. I haven’t tried it but you might take a look.

here the link http://www.fasttracker2.com/software/skale.htm

hope this helps.




I mean this program is super!
It is called “Renoise” www.renoise.com
You have to get some samples though. Try searching them from the
www.madtracker.org site, and elsewhere.

For midi stuff, get Anvil Studio www.anvilstudio.com

Take that open source :P.

I looked for a good piece of open source software that did that but I didn’t find one. Not that I would ever use it though.

Maybe this would be useful:

It’s a free music notation program. I think my dad uses something like that for making songs.