looking for tablets and found something interesting :)



I’m currently looking for a tablet to go with a laptop I found so I could have an easier time with blender3D and other graphic utilities. I wonder if anybody here have any firsthand account of how good the gadget works with their computer. Could i use it like a regular tablet or does it only works for note-taking? If it does works like a tablet, I would love to have it since it is much more compact than the average tablets. (I’m not looking for a feature packed tablets like pressure sensitivities and angles and whatnot)

I’m hoping that someone here could help me with this info cause if it checks out, I would love it since I could make a hard copy at the same time for a friend or filing purpose and whatnot.

Please hurry though since the gadget (in first link) is on sale and I’m hoping that if I do indeed decide to get it, I can take advantage of the sale :yes: I’m not going to pay like $100 for one of these when I could get a cheaper (and less portable) tablets.

Well, you can take a look at the customer reviews and get an idea about what it’s useful for. From reading the product info on their website, it seems like it’s really only designed for note taking.

If you want a tablet for anything graphics related, get a Wacom tabled. Even the cheap $100 Graphires. If you can’t afford that then get a used one. Seriously, it’s the only way to go for anything graphics related. You want the compatibility, and you want the pressure sensitivity (and tilt if you can afford an Intous).