Looking for teacher to teach me character modelling/texturing/rigging in blender

Ive been doing Blender for multible years now so im more that familiar with the basics of moddeling of furiture, houses and the thing im most familiar with is game making. The only thing i cant do is rigging/texturing/moddeling characters.
If anyone wants/likes to teach me just commend down below. I dont care when you have time or that you only have 10 minutes. I would just like to have a nice teacher who teaches me these things.
Thanks in advance:D

Hello Ben my name’s Joshua.
My Skype is " joshua_jay-77 " send my an invite. if you don’t have a mic that’s ok we can just text in there but if you do then it would be much faster to get things acrossed. We can also screen share for free.

I cant find your skype profile D:
Add me “Moustache Spy” ( my profile pic is my dog :smiley: )

Have you checked out “Introducing Character Animation with Blender: Second Edition” by Tony Mullen?