Looking for team member(s) for an animated short

Hi guys!
This is my first post so I hope I’ve homed this thread correctly and haven’t encroached on any verboten territory. I’m new to blender, started back in January, but I’m completely hooked (nearly every tut from Andrew Price and probably 50% of CG cookie down).

Recreating the masterpiece’s of others is, at best, a hollow satisfaction so I set out to develop a 5 to 10 minute animated short. I’ve tried to keep the scope of this project as contained as possible while still pushing myself to learn new things. The problem is there just aren’t enough hours in the day and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in co-authoring it with me?

Here are some unfinished screen shots:

I’ll finish it either way but it would be nice to have some help.



Would be better if you gave more info on what the project is about.

Right you are, I was going for succinct but I think I over shot it :o
An homage to Spartacus / Gladiator with Teddy Bears.
A short, violent animation centered around an anti-hero, Tedi, and his battles in the arena which ultimately culminate in a show down with the current champion, the Deddy Bear. A strictly educational/entertainment driven exercise and not for profit.

2 Teddy Bears fighting to the death. A funny, yet interesting concept. I could use a break from my own project for a little while. I could help you out. I might be tempted to make the Colosseum. Of course that can take some time.

Thanks Xero, PM in your box.