Looking for team members for a first-person science fiction game[Closed]

Project name: Not yet decided.
Looking for creative people with ideas. What we need is someone inspired, preferably in the area of science fiction. Do you have an idea which you aren’t able to bring to reality by yourself? Join us.

Skills required: Whatever you are good at. Whether it be story writing, coding, level design, character design, building design, vehicle design, environment design, weapon design, prop design-2D or 3D, since the 2D reference images are just as needed as the 3D models used in game, 3D animation, sound effects, music, or anything else that can contribute to making a game. You don’t need to be great at your area since we can help each other out.

About the project: The goal is to create an atmospheric, first-person game. Whether it would be a shooter, puzzle, or something else entirely has not been decided yet. Join us and help us decide.

Idea limitations-in other words imagination borders: it has to be something possible to implement, SFW and that’s pretty much it. It is best if it is creative, it can even be bizarre. Even if your idea is not the best or complete, we can still further improve and develop it together, or merge it with other ideas.

My skills are 3D modelling (both organic and inorganic), rigging (I am able to make complete rigs including IK and facial rigs), 3D animating and texturing. My main area of expertise is 3D character modelling, with 2 years of experience.
Team skills: Aside from me, there is also one programmer.

Used Engine: Unity 2019, with Lightweight Render Pipeline.
Development progress: we are just getting started.

Payment: Revenue share, with equal split among the contributing team members.
An example of my character work:

Hi. I’m extremely good at Photoshop with a real knack with textures. Contact me back if that helps. Also, I’ve a wild imagination so if you need a scenario with beautiful ladies up and doing in a no sex context, I can share my ideas.

On this image, you’ll see that there is no real model. I could start with an avatar or even a drawing. I’d like to know if the process can be integrated 3D.

I’m sorry, but it is a bit unclear. Are you applying for the team or just asking if the process could be integrated into 3D?

Le dim. 29 mars 2020 à 14:58, Leon Kocjančič via Blender Artists Community [email protected] a écrit :

I’m very good at Photoshop. I hope that’s clearer.

Well we definitely could use a reference artist. Join the Discord if you wish to join our team.