Looking for team members for sci-fi jrpg

Hi everyone,

I’m a programmer with modeller skills currently looking for people in order to create a team to develop a sci-fi jrpg.
Can’t say to much about the storyline to avoid copying but it will take place in the future,think about
a sort of “republic vs pirate/anarchists” story,the gameplay will be focused on both life into a space station
for a quest based gameplay and spaceships fight.

The game will be develop with C# and SunBurn Engine so the target platform is PC but we have the possibility to make also an XBOX360 version.

Here below there are some rendered screen of the main areas of the game and an anime like character (cloth will be different).
to give you an idea.Inside the space station there will be some “non-futuristic” areas.

Current screenshot

Positions available:
-3D Modeller; (found)
-Concept artist; (found)
-Texture artist;
-Storyboard writer; (found)

3D Artist Requirements:
-Has a good knowledge with software like Blender
-Has good skills on low poly modelling.

Concept artist Requirements:
-Has good skills on anime characters drawing;
-Has good skills on interior and exterior environment design and drawing.
-Has a good knowledge on 2D graphic software like Gimp or Photoshop;

Texture artist Requirements:
-Is able to texturing with uvw;
-Has good texturing skills (also with anime like characters);
-Has a good knowledge on 2D graphic software like Gimp or Photoshop;

Storyboard writer Requirements:
-Has to know the story structure of jrpg (like final fantasy,the last remnant,star ocean ecc);
-Has a good imagination;
-Has to be good on english writing;
General requirements for all artists:
-Able to be active on the project;
-Able to work in a team;
-Able to communicate using english;
-Have a basic of videogames knowledge;

No previous experience in game development are required
Take it as a change to gain experience and have a game work background

Why should i join in this project? To have the opportunity to be a part of a team
and gain experience on game development;

How the team will keep the contacts? I think that common e-mail for basic things
and skype conference for team meeting and so on is a good choice.

Is this a payed project or not? It will depends if the game will be finished and if
it will be publish as freeware or commercial (probably as commercial).

About me: It’s the first time i work in a team.The biggest software i developed was a internet distributed computing system
with clients,servers,website and database (used C#,php,html,javascript,sql).
Have around 8 years of programming experience,6 year with C# experience
around 3-4 years with XNA.

If you are interested contact me with a private message on this forum
with an introduction,an email contact and a link to your portfolio or something you’ve done.

Maybe I could help you on the game creation, but Im in doubt yet about it.
Here is a sample of my work.

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Hi leon,

Thanks for your helpfulness but i’m sorry,currently we’ve already found a 3d modeller.