Looking for team ?


What do you think for game like third person (similar Tomb Raider but in own story) to create it ?

I need a team and solid to work together, everyone can bright his touch and imagination.

Looking for professional game and user who has experience, it is needed to :

  • 3D Artist for character and props
  • 3D Animator for character animation
  • Several developer from Python with BGE coding
  • 2D Artist for texture and painting
  • A writer of story
  • Voice for character
  • Sound designer
  • Beta tester for finding bug

Anyone interest this project ?

I am Artist 3D but still learn to create 3D and I code some in Python for BGE but I am beginner.

Project not starting but I need for your thought and comment from that.

Hope it can make some fun and make interesting game :slight_smile:

I would just get started by picking a genre and a gameplay subtype (or create one)

Get some hitboxes being pushed around, and make it fun, than artists may join on.

I have resources laying around, and so do the other coders, if you define what you need we may already have it somewhere.

I think It should start with ideas, discussion about genre, gameplay, story, just like BPR said above (or at least it’s a good starting point) and a great way to make the thread active and so others would be interested and could join.

And in that way, you’ll make your ideas consistent and know what to aim.

I suggest you start by joining the next Blender Game Making Challenge or BGMC. You will see what it takes to make a game and give you a better understanding of how to boil an idea down to a simple demo that a team can later work to expand.

The idea is that the game can look like Tomb Raider (action and adventure) but with its own looking and gameplay, I thought third person a trick between hitman or horizon zero dawn (you know what is for ?). Like this to do the full thing of which to run, to jump, to climb, to attack with different weapon of the pistol to the machine gun and why not to put trap or to launch a grenade. Make enemy for AI to easy or hard to kill, make friend to help her(the hero).

The story may vary but I would like this idea the hero to find her fiancé but he is captured so she goes to find and save him. She will infiltrate and to lead her fighting thus she must be careful, to talk, to search, stealth, to eliminate, to travel, etc…

So what do you think of my comment ?

There are various 3rd person examples laying around,

What will make the game unique?

The scenery, gameplay, characters, graphic and story will be a game unique I think.

The purpose are everyone can bright idea, gameplay, make prototype or some story to make a game as original :slight_smile:

Thats a good background for starting things:

We could start thinking about:

-Scenario: where the game will run (or stages)

-Character: who will be the player? (I mean our player) It’ll be a guy or a women (what about their characteristics?)

-Game style: pixelated, low poly or (I don’t know the others)

-Game camera: If third person, it’ll be “like” top-down, or a camera on the shoulder (like silent hill dow pour, hitman and horizon), or isometric camera like resident evil (I think you already said it but here some other ideas e.e)

It’ll be like treasurer hunt or artifacts like tomb raider or uncharted? Or it’ll be like rescue?

Also we could start thinking of work more about the story.

  • scenario : This can be in the city or in the dessert
  • Character : Women but maybe let it the users to choose character (good idea?)
  • Game Style : low poly with detail nearly
  • Game camera : I prefer as horizon more free in action

it may be a treasure cause her fiiancé is archaeologist who find in ancient civilization for objects as sacred and too a rescue by both time

Yes we need a writer that I am not good at it so I am french, people with english is better :stuck_out_tongue:

I have this starting (wip) project - Atlansea ( working title )…it’s underwater treasure/artifacts hunting…just like Tomb Raider™ but with a mermaid
and under water:)…low-poly style with great looking textures.I can join like 3d modeler-concept and texture artist.

Nice work Mistran, maybe with a team complete we could help you your project :slight_smile:

But remember the project that i propose is big and maybe a bit hard to model cause it will be professional looking game, of course you can join us ( and thank you for that ;)) I like your idea but mine is out of under water though it will be used too.

Can you make other character if you want as human(terrorist? or bad boy?) and props ? texture artist is welcome too.

Would like to join on texturezation and materials, and/or writer of story (or maybe translator - ensligh is not my native tongue too e.e)

Here something I did today (just a floor with texture maps):

(these are rendered)


This one in realtime (with game started)

here the blend files:

texturization.blend (530 KB)

texturization1.blend (508 KB)

And a thought: It could have enigmas.

I hope I am not being offensive, but usually you should contribute to the game you want to make…according to the list of people you require it looks as though you just want to manage a bunch of people to make a game for you…generally no one is really going to step in to help if they don’t think you can do anything to help advance the development process.

as already stated.

  1. have a game plan(development docs)

  2. do a simple proof of concept, nothing fancy…extreme bare bones concept

  3. present it to people or the forum for interested members to join and to refine it

3.2) ensure they are reliable. This is the internet and (GASP!!!) not everyone is responsible or trustworthy.

I wish you the best of luck…most anyone with experience will probably tell you BGE indi team projects almost never work out. Most of the game devs here that even come close to a complete game, were able to do so because they took charge and did it all themselves(game devs do a bit of everything now a days)…I have had some help with questions and recomendations or general knowledge…but I need to take that info and do useful things with it :slight_smile:

@mistran: that is looking pretty good, and I like the concept…and half naked women are always welcome in my book :slight_smile:

@JustinBarrett Thanks :)…this is my Godot engine project.
@threedslider I think you need game doc. - art concepts - reference boards and story plot first, just
like you making a movie…
without this you do not have chance handle any big project and for a professional looking
assets you need very skilled artists and this is a problem for free and bge or upbge I think
can not handle big projects

@hdhunk : Nice good starting for texture :), Have you in your mind for story if you can help ? I will send you a pm.

@justinbarret : well game plan i don’t have yet but i search for someone as game designer who can make this, anyone willing for it ?

@mistran: we go slowly and in free time, if you cannot make big project it make no sense, cause it will not look professional, so big is necessary… Hope someone is ready for big project :slight_smile:

Yeah, I will present my project as protopye but it will take time, I need to know what looking first and then make for real interactivity, from now i can’t show maybe in one or two weeks and you will get idea.

From time being, we need several people for different task as in my first post, can you join us for starting to discuss and make prototype of game.

So far in advance in our project :

  • Hdhunk is writing the GDD game plan and soon it will be published
  • Me, I am working in prototype and character soon to be published too

Waiting :

  • Mistran are you agreed to join us for 3D artist ?
  • BluePrintRandom want you to be developer for joining us to project ?
  • JustinBarret, any interest from our project ?
  • Anyone ?


I can lend my voice to the project if you need it.
My voice type is a deeper male - I do mostly characters in their 30’s to 50’s. I’ve got a professional recording situation and I’ll provide a demo and/or audition should you ask.

Hi Emnudge,

You are welcome for voice, the dialogue is not yet ready in GDD, I will ask if Hdhunk can make it.

If you want join us, just use discord my pseudo is threedslider and we can talk what you can make your voice.

Thank you

Join us on Discord we found the name of our project is Hunted Perdition …

I suggest you make like a Pre alpha version of your demo for your concept. Then expand on it and work on how to improve it keeping all optimizations within BGE/UPBGE.
(I wish you luck with this project and BTW i joined you on Discord so i will help with good suggestions and ideas you could use in your approach with this project)