Looking For Team

(Jaoshua) #1

I’m still new to Blender and i’m looking for more new people who wants to join me.

If you join we will communicate through email and we will start off doing small things before moving to actual projects

(XeroShadow) #2

To quote a fictional robot from the Silver Screen," Need more IN-put".

(Nick DeMunguia) #3

Do you have any “smaller things” in mind?

(Jaoshua) #4

Yes one would be a simple animated short or a basic game design

(Advocat) #5

I’d love to help, but it takes long time before you get good at something; especially with animation. PM me.

(Tmfeldman) #6

I’d be willing to help. I’ve been using Blender for the last three and a half years and I could help you get up to speed on whatever you would like to do. Please PM me if you’re interested.

Thanks for your time!

(Yusuf Raja) #7

Been doing blender for over a year.
I’m quite interested in joining you.
Pm me if there is still space

(Casanova1989) #8

If you’re still looking for people I’m all in dude

(mattthecat) #9

i’d like to join

(teamblender3d) #10

i like the idea … please email me at [email protected]

(LordVoldemort99) #11

I would like to join as well…

(Marios Ashikkis) #12

i would like to join