Looking for Technical Animators to assist Open World Adventure Game development

We are looking for volunteer animators with coding experience to join our team for this Open World game project that is gradually coming together!

Cool music. The game will be about Metal ? If i help with animations, how many “we” will be ?

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Thanks for checking out my channel, haha.
Yeah, metal will play a big part in the series, especially in the second installment and onward in the series.
I’ve just recently been talking to two modelers,
so right now it’s me the Lead Designer / Artist / Writer / Composer,
a Programming Assistant,
two Modelers,
and a handful of Composers have been working on tracks as well.
I’m hoping to find some more people to help us out with Programming, Animating, Modeling, etc.

Any help with animating we can get would be very appreciated!

you have to post some content first i guess.

Well I’m trying to work on some concept art, but right now we’re trying to focus on making the game’s base movement mechanics, and we really need help getting the transition animations made for the walk and run cycle that were shown before we move on to more complex stuff

sometimes a bit hard to find animations with Mixamo as it seems their library is a mess with no order. But i found myself all the required animations .

Just use keywords like ‘start’, 'stop" , ‘loop’ beside the action itself (“walk”) . Also, use the word “catwalk” as there’s a full set of animations for male and female. Yes, pay attention to the description as you gonna be able to find the linked animations to a same “pack” of animations thanks to those “keywords”.

If you want, please post a short description of your project on that thread so it will shows its a running project. I gonna work back on my game this year and i will make it opensource so people can modd it easily.

Personally imo, if you wanna find someone here serious, consistent and not passive-aggressive (a true disease today) to help you in your project, you gonna need to have 1° some serious stuff to offer in return and 2° find people who are 100% if your game concept. 2 years ago i was crying to get someone pro with materials/textures/shaders but i guess my project was not attractive enough for them. So now, i do everything myself and its better like that. I did ask questions and learnt. No choice. If you have no money to offer and no domain of expertise related to game creating. Gonna be hard to be the leader of a crew that could fly away with their work and knowledge , at any moment :melting_face:

Thanks and hope that your development works out for you