Looking for techniques to model a seamless road game tile

Q: what tequnigues might blender have for a close to CAD procedural road building sections like the road, the offroad, the curb, the grass, the median etc

Attached are the wireframes and blocks design I have for my street game block. However due to shader and zfighting and complexity of the games views I can’t just hide the edges of the meshes edges. I need to model the parts precision perfect in either one mesh and no overlap meshes or two meshes vertices perfectly adjacent to each other.

However I also need to keep the meshes capable of having separate materials so the basic Booleans modifier wont do.

I figure I need to just model all of this like normal and material assign as well making the whole thing constantly destructive instead of procedural.

Right now I find that I have to get the first slice on the cube perfect when making a curve section, cause using snap tool face is FIDDDDLY for its neighbor mesh

not to mention the [email protected] road lines being perfect tiling, ugh those are a pain to paint perfectly or get the curves tool to array in the right order